Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to surgery shopping

While it seems everyone is Back-to-School shopping I am not. After hitting Target, Kmart, Dollar Tree, Staples and every other stationery supply store in the first year we were here to get TWO supply lists, I soon learnt (thankfully) to just order the school kits and save time, so this week Ive been watching frantic mothers rip apart the supply shelves and ask their kids if they really need 5 two prong folders while I wait for open day and our kits to be delivered ahhhh!!!

Today I've been doing a considerably different kind of shopping - back to surgery shopping!!! While noone likes surgery and theres no perfect time for it, things are moving along in our relocation process and we may be moving house sooner rather than later. Because of this I need to be off crutches, so Ive chosen to get my right foot surgery out of the way next week.

This morning I saw Dr Ratkovich and booked my right foot reconstruction surgery for in a week's time - I actually had a panic attack and was totally shaking and light headed - I never have these, I just get on with things, so this took me totally by surprise.

Even though Im very unsure about the surgery, Im feeling slightly more prepared than last time. When the doc says no weight bearing because the screw will shatter the heel he means it and theres no getting around easily on one leg, so today I purchased a few things to help me out. 

The first few days my leg will swell and crutches dont help because the leg isnt elevated so Im gonna use a wheelchair downstairs and keep the leg up. I also need to take as much care of my left foot as I can because its still sore and rehabbing.

My trusty knee scooter is going to stay upstairs for trips to the loo in the middle of the night and Ive bought some funky covers to jazz up my crutches and a bag so I can carry a water bottle and my phone. Its no fun not being able to hold something and why shouldnt crutches be stylish?

Lastly Ive bought a major gadget-walking-aid. Id been looking for something I could use which would allow me maximum mobility, after all I still have a house to run, 2 kids to take care of and a dog to walk. I came across the Freedom Leg.

Ive been watching the videos over and over and read and re-read all of the reviews and there has been a lot of great feedback on the product. One of the reviews is actually from a doctor so Im guessing he knows what hes talking about. I had an online chat with one of the company's representatives and asked a gazillion questions. One of the plusses to its $575 price tag (I bought mine for $449 in the sale) is that its completely reimbursable by our insurance company.

As soon as it arrives ill have a practise before the surgery just to see how easy it is to walk in it and not fall over but for now, Im cleaning and organising everyone before I have yet another long recovery period.


  1. ack! Let me know if we can bring you some meals or something.

  2. I like the stylish crutches, and I know someone else who is a fan of zebra who must just be giddy about this all.

  3. You certainly know how to make recovery stylish :)