Thursday, July 18, 2013

No pain.. no gain

I bring a whole new meaning to the expression no pain..... no gain. I live in chronic foot pain 24/7 and I can either sit back and let it ruin my life or slap it straight across the face and get moving - I chose the latter.

So yesterday during my follow up from Shockwave Therapy I made my foot surgeons day and told him I would be going ahead and having the right foot reconstructed. I know, I know, I said IT WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING, but the moons have aligned and my September date works well in my schedule.

After a few months deliberation, I decided:

  1. Since I was already slowed down from the first surgery, I may aswell get the other foot out of the way.
  2. I feel way more prepared this time around and have 8 weeks to get the house, kids, dog, husband sorted (yes thats the correct order).
  3. My left foot has turned a corner and seems to like therapy. In 8 weeks time I feel sure it can handle crutches.
  4. I have a full race calendar which ends in October, no marathons for this girl.
  5. My dad is available if I need him.
  6. My girls will be in school.
  7. Theres no snow (hopefully although it is Chicago so cant be guarranteed)
  8. Finally next year I wanna move house and I cant do that in a cast!
The only downside is I wont be able to drive, which is totally shit, since I will still need to get to my 3 times a week left foot therapy appointments, my right foot follow up appointments and anything in between. My surgeon said patients miraculously make appointments but he doesnt ask how. I definitely wont be risking left foot driving and Im not convinced I would be insured if I was trying to drive with a cast on. I will have to find out. 

In the mean time Im going to enjoy every second of being active and looking forward to riding the 61 Venus De Miles ride next weekend. :)

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